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Luis Banuelos, a self-taught maestro of Spanish-style guitar, finds his muse in a diverse array of musical genres, spanning Flamenco, Latin jazz, Hip-Hop, Motown, R&B, Rock, and the evocative melodies of Middle Eastern sitar. With a deft touch and a discerning ear, he masterfully weaves these influences into what he fittingly dubs "Flamenco Fusion."




Touching down in Austin on January 11th, 2009, Banuelos embarked on a soul-stirring journey to manifest his dream of gracing stages and immersing himself in the vibrant tapestry of the Austin music scene.




His artistic odyssey began with the creation of evocative compositions for the illustrious Broadway production, "Picasso in Paris." Now, on the brink of unveiling his latest musical opus in August 2024, Banuelos stands poised to captivate the hearts and minds of America's elite. His performances, marked by the enchanting strains of his Spanish guitar, promise to imbue intimate gatherings and corporate affairs with an aura of refined sophistication and infectious energy.




In humble reflection upon his modest beginnings, Banuelos attributes his ascent to an unwavering faith and an innate talent that ignites within him a fervent desire to both pursue his passion and exalt the name of Jesus through his music and his life. With profound gratitude, he acknowledges the divine providence that has bestowed upon him the opportunity to share his extraordinary gift with a world hungry for beauty and inspiration.


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